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"Krūzes", Iecava, Iecavas nov., LV-3913, Latvia
Phone: +371 63963480
Fax: +371 63963481
E-mail: info@aisis.lv

Ltd. "AISIS" was founded in 2005 with the aim of producing a capacitive and technological equipment for food, chemical, pharmaceutical, energy and other industries in close partnership with leading companies in the design, development of  technologies and ENGINEERING.

The main products of the company is the tanks of up to 300 000 liters of stainless steel and on their basis the different technological equipment, as well the nonstandard equipment of stainless steel. In our work we offer our clients an integrated approach:


  • design of equipment according on the customer's technologies;
  • production and delivery equipment using the most advanced technology and process equipment;
  • assembly and installation of equipment with full or partial strapping, taking into account the existing infrastructure of the customer;
  • support during warranty and post-warranty period.


Our products are made from the highest quality materials manufactured in Europe, which in combination with the use of Progressive technologies and automation in our production not only provides the durability and high quality of our products, but allows us to offer our products at competitive prices.

Finansē Eiropas Savienība NAP


Projekta īstenošanas periods: 01.03.2023. – 31.08.2024.

Pētījuma nosaukums: Vakuuma dzesēšanas tehnoloģijas un iekārtas prototipa izstrāde maizes un konditorejas produktu dzesēšanai.

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